Time: A Precious Commodity

Time is one of our most valuable commodities.  Once expended, we can never get it back.  That’s why learning the life skill of effective time management is vital to our success.  Learning how to make every moment of every day count for something doesn’t mean we have to eliminate joy, it’s just means that we need to eliminate the joy-sucking moments, such as procrastinating, so we can make way for something truly meaningful.

Improving our time management does more than just increase productivity.  It can yield great benefits to our health as well, minimize stress and improve the overall quality of our lives.

Build a solid foundation.  That means get adequate sleep and downtime, maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly.  Naturally, this will improve concentration and focus.

Look at your current situation. For example, how are you spending your time on your work commute?  Make an effort to look at this and similar time blocks and you will find yourself ahead of the game with some sensible adjustments.

‘No’ to minutiae and ‘Yes’ to top priorities.  Before agreeing to take on more work, review your big picture goals and your current schedule.  If another task will eat up time, but is not critical to your main goals, hand it off or drop it to the bottom of the list.

Set aside time blocks and try to eliminate distractions.  We’ve offered some recommendations about remote working from the beach, but we all realize that’s not always doable.  All of us have work spaces where we thrive, accomplish and work most effectively, but we’re often our own worst enemy.  TV, off.  Same goes for cell phones, ear buds, useless socializing, etc.  We don’t have to work in a hermitage, but frequently getting distracted with the latest social media posts is a sure way to squander our time.

Take a break.  Heck, wallow if necessary.  No sense piling on more tasks and commitments if we’re simply worn out.  Hit the gym, take a walk, use a sick day… or, just pop your head outside for fresh air from time to time.  Sometimes all we need is a break.  A moment of solitude and clarity to purge our tired heads and recharge our bodies for that next productive push.

Sure, these tips are simple stuff, but don’t we all need constant reminders and encouragement to sometimes accomplish the simplest of stuff.  Maybe better to say, to become masters at improving our lives and the lives of those around us by extension.